OEC Notice - 4/21/2022 - Upcoming Google Changes

OEC Notice - 4/21/2022 - Upcoming Google Changes

As you may have heard, Google has drastically changed its licensing agreement with Workspace for Education. We've standardized on this service for email, calendaring, and other collaborative efforts in Engineering as well as large portions of the rest of campus. In the past, we were granted unlimited storage and there was no cost involved. The new model has a rather limited amount of storage and requires payment based on the number of users in the domain.

ITS has committed to paying for this licensing moving forward, but there is a catch. At this time, we maintain our own domain (eng.ucsd.edu) and campus is running its own tenant (ucsd.edu). Part of the licensing agreement is that ITS can only purchase licenses for the domain they run. As a result, we're beginning the long process of migrating users out of our ENG domain and into the UCSD domain. We have roughly a year to perform this migration, but we need to get started on the process.

There are additional benefits of this migration though:

  • It will be easier to share documents, calendars, and other items since everyone will have the same domain suffix (no more figuring out if they are @eng or @ucsd).

  • No data transfer will be necessary if personnel move from an Engineering department to a non-Engineering department (or vice versa).

  • Email routing will be more consistent for everyone on campus to help debug transmission issues.

We need to start coordinating the migration of users with you soon. The process includes selecting a team or unit to migrate all at one time. We're also planning to create all new accounts in the campus (@ucsd.edu) domain to avoid future migrations. We'll be in contact soon to settle on a timeline.

Please feel free to share this information with whomever you feel is appropriate.

Thank you


Todd Clopine

Director of Enterprise Computing, CTO

Office of Engineering Computing

Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD