Service Catalog

Desktop Support

OEC provides a managed desktop environment for clients. These are generally Dell Optiplex systems running Windows and are connected to the campus Active Directory system. We can also support users with Macintosh desktop systems, printers, laptops etc.

For contract based support, we have a SLA and are able to support a larger client base. This SLA includes server based storage for shared data within the unit (at $0.044 per GB per month).

For directly supported Office of Engineering (OEC) core departments:


For other campus entities via our recharge system:

$56.22 per hour

Virtual Machine Hosting

A virtual machine (VM) is a software implementation of physical computer, providing effectively all the functionality of a hardware-based system but with reduced costs for hardware and maintenance. Most of OEC's internal services (web servers, mail services, etc.) run in a virtual machine environment for this reason. The underlying hardware for the virtual machine environment is a geographically diverse cluster of redundant systems to reduce the risk of outages.

OEC configures the following resources to the VMs it provides:

Windows: 1 CPU, 8GB RAM, 50GB HDD

Linux: 2 CPUs, 2GB RAM, 16GB HDD

Extra disk space up to 100GB can be purchased in increments of 50GB (each increment is $2.20 per month). It is provided in the form of additional virtual disk space.

The absolute maximum for CPU and RAM is 2 CPUs and 32GB RAM, which can be provided on a case by case basis with proper justification.

$56.60 per month

Web Hosting (LAMP)

OEC manages a Linux based web cluster supporting Apache, PHP, Perl, and Python CGI scripts. A MySQL database and a Drupal instance are also available on request. Customers are free to install any CMS within their webspace, but it is preferred to use the Drupal instance provided by OEC as it will be kept up to date with all security patches.

For directly supported Office of Engineering (OEC) core departments and labs:


Billed per site per month. Includes 20GB of storage for the site and/or MySQL space used.

$9.56 per month

Web Hosting (Google)

Using our Google Apps for Education (G Suite) domain, you can create rich and easy to manage websites. Their design offers the ability to embed many of the collaborative tools available elsewhere in G Suite (Calendar, Web Forms, Document Libraries etc.). All of the web design can be performed by you, we do not need to be involved unless you request assistance.

Hosting, storage and start-up configuration.


If you require design services (optional).

$56.22 per hour

General Technical Support

In addition to the packaged services listed here, OEC personnel are available to assist on a wide variety of projects on a time and materials basis. These services are requested on an ad hoc basis, with the details of expected effort, index numbers to bill, etc. established at the time of a service request.

General desktop support and web design activities.

$56.22 per hour

Database, programming, research computing support, architecture/design services, firewall management, senior advisory activities .

$92.38 per hour

Google Workspace Account

We currently manage three Google Workspace for Education domains. One is for the exclusive use of supported units within the Jacobs School of Engineering. The other is a more general purpose designed to support the needs of our recharge customers. The third is primarily managed by the UCSD campus ITS team.

All domains support email accounts, calendaring, document processing and sharing, collaboration tools, web site hosting, data storage and many more features. There is no storage quota associated with these.


Business Application Development

OEC offers customized design, bugfix, and hosting of Business Application tools.

Coding is done primarily in JAVA back-ended by MySQL. It is typically hosted within our clustered web hosting environment.

$92.38 per hour

Cloud Services Consulting

Access and training for cloud based services to include AWS, G Suite and other offerings is available on a consulting basis to include configuration and support if needed.

$92.38 per hour

Research IT Consulting

Support for research IT computing including clusters, large scale data storage, HPC and cloud resources is available via our research computing team.

$92.38 per hour

Datacenter (Rack) Space

Using campus supported shared datacenter space, we can assist you in obtaining and utilizing environmentally managed and power regulated rack space to house your systems.

Rack space is currently free unless you require generator backed power or specialized networking.

Configuration assistance.

$92.38 per hour

Software Licensing

For information on available software and licenses, please see the Software page.

Account Management

Accounts required to access services will be provided free of charge as necessary using campus and/or cloud systems. These include:

  • Active Directory (Computer access, Wireless, VPN, etc.)

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Google Workspace

  • Office 365

  • Unix (LDAP)

Network Access

Access to the campus core network infrastructure is generally provided by ITS via the NGN (Next Generation Network). Assistance with IP reservation, system registration, port activation, and access will be provided as needed in accordance with our Desktop Support services.

Google Workspace training

We offer training sessions for supported departments on the local implementation and use of Google Apps. The training typically consists of three sessions, each roughly 90 minutes. The topics for each session are flexible, but the basic series is:

  1. Email, Calendar, and a brief introduction to Drive

  2. Drive, Keep

  3. Chat, Groups, Sites

Notes from the sessions can be viewed at: Google Apps Training

To Schedule a session, please contact us at