Standard Computer Deployment

Based on the needs of the supported department and/or unit, OEC will support a desktop or laptop system for each administrative user. Core software will be licensed and loaded on each computer. “Core” is defined as an operating system and business-related software. Software that is not part of our licensing model will need to be provided by the user. Departments need to be covered by the campus MCCA agreement for licensing. Windows-based systems will be attached to the campus Active Directory domain (AD) and governed by group policy. This allows us to scale our operation to assist units outside of Engineering.

Standard hardware refreshes will occur as needed, typically within a five year period. Failed hardware will be replaced from our reserved pool of systems, or a loaner provided until a replacement has been procured. Software updates will occur as appropriate.

Note that Recharge customers will be responsible for the purchase of all hardware and licensed software with assistance and consulting from OEC members.

Standard Computer Options

Dell Optiplex Desktop

  • Desktop

  • 1 Dell 24" monitor

  • Dell Keyboard/Mouse

  • Windows 10 Education

Dell Latitude Laptop

  • 15" Laptop

  • Dell docking station

  • 1 Dell 24" monitor

  • Dell Keyboard/Mouse

  • Windows 10 Education

Mac Mini Desktop

  • Mac Mini Desktop

  • 1 Dell 24" monitor

  • Dell Keyboard/Mouse

  • MacOS 12

Standard software included on all computers:

  • Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise (Previously called Office)

  • Adobe Acrobat DC

  • Chrome & Firefox

  • Cisco Anyconnect VPN

  • Google Drive

  • Zoom

  • Mocha TN3270

  • Security Software

  • Management Software

Individual departments may choose to pay for additional equipment - OEC does not provide these by default:

  • 2nd 24" monitor

  • webcam

  • ergonomic equipment (keyboard / mouse / monitor stands / etc)

  • speakers / headphones

  • printer / scanner

  • additional software not on the Standard Software list

  • computers not on the Standard Computer Options list