Standard Computer Deployment

This information applies to OEC's Core customers, which include:

    • JSOE Core Departments (BE, CSE, ECE, MAE, NE, SE, JSOE Dean's office)

    • active MOU Agreement (Physical Sciences (CHEM, MATH, PHYS, PS Dean's office); QI)

Based on the needs of OEC's Core customer departments, OEC can provide a "Standard Computer Deployment" (see options below) for each administrative user paid from core funds (13991), or other specified user populations agreed to via MOU.

OEC can provide desktop computers to part-time Student Workers (from OEC's stock of computing equipment). If the department purchases laptops for their student workers, OEC can help configure the laptops for use.

Per UCSD HR Policy PPM 250-85 Section 6.B, "Employees will only have one worksite equipped by the University." and "All office equipment provided by or paid for by the University is University property and must be returned by the employee to the University upon the University’s request or upon the employee's separation from University employment."

Each OEC-deployed computer will have a modern/up-to-date Operating System, and "Standard Software" will be installed (see list below). Windows-based systems will be attached to the campus Active Directory domain (AD) and governed by group policy. Apple systems will be connected to JAMF, and managed with standardized configuration policies.

OEC Core customers are covered by the campus MCCA and Adobe ETLA license agreements (managed by OEC). Any other administrative departments that OEC provides Recharge IT for will be asked to participate in both of these licensing programs. This allows for standardized computer deployments and refreshes, without needing to take time to evaluate individual computer licensing (matter of scalability).

Each user that OEC deploys equipment to will be required to sign the Employee Agreement - Electronics Communications Resources, to satisfy UC Policy BFB-G-46.

Standard hardware refreshes will occur as necessary. Failed hardware will be replaced from our reserved pool of systems, or a loaner provided until a replacement has been procured. Software updates will occur as appropriate.

Note that Recharge customers will be responsible for the purchase of all hardware and licensed software with assistance and consulting from OEC members.

Standard Computer Options

Dell Latitude Laptop

  • 15" Laptop

  • Dell docking station

  • 1 Dell 24" monitor

  • Dell Keyboard/Mouse

  • Windows 10 Education

Dell Optiplex Desktop

  • Desktop

  • 1 Dell 24" monitor

  • Dell Keyboard/Mouse

  • Windows 10 Education

Mac Mini Desktop

  • Mac Mini Desktop

  • 1 Dell 24" monitor

  • Dell Keyboard/Mouse

  • MacOS 12

Standard software included on all computers:

  • Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise (Previously called Office)

  • Adobe Acrobat DC

  • Chrome & Firefox

  • Cisco Anyconnect VPN

  • Google Drive

  • Zoom

  • Mocha TN3270

  • Security Software

  • Management Software

Individual departments may choose to pay for additional equipment - OEC does not provide these by default:

  • 2nd 24" monitor

  • webcam

  • ergonomic equipment (keyboard / mouse / monitor stands / etc)

  • speakers / headphones

  • printer / scanner

  • additional software not on the Standard Software list

  • computers not on the Standard Computer Options list

  • hotelling equipment above and beyond an individual user's OEC Standard Computer Deployment