Standard Email groups

Standard Email Groups

Implemented March 2016 / Updated 2022

  • Purpose: Develop standardized email groups (Google groups) that can be maintained automatically for use by Jacobs School of Engineering, the School of Physical Sciences, and Qualcomm Institute. These lists are generated and maintained by an automated script run daily by the Office of Engineering Computing (OEC). This project was initiated in 2016 by Tana Troke Campana, Executive Assistant Dean, with the participation of all department MSOs/Business Officers.

  • Goal: Define a standard set of groups (academic, staff, students) that are the most common ones used when sending out mass emails. Groups can be combined to form larger groups. Any other groupings not covered here would be continue to be developed and maintained at the department/unit level.

  • Data source: UCPath data, SIS data, JSOE and Physical Sciences local Grad apps. Applicable Occupational Subgroups or Job Codes are listed in parentheses next to the group. (The campus lookup tool for UCSD title and pay can be used to see which job codes are included in a "occupational group").

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Authorized users may view the members of OEC-managed Google Groups here.