OEC can help you improve your cyber security stance, whether it is in your Research Lab, at your office, or in a server room on campus. Our Infrastructure team and Desktop team have years of experience working with a wide variety of customers and their unique needs across campus. 

Here at UC San Diego, we all work together to create a safe computing environment. From taking the yearly Cyber Security training and restarting our computers for security patches to complete, to setting secure firewall rules and registering equipment with campus Hostmaster, there are many ways that we can positively affect the health and security of not only our own computers and data, but everyone else's.

The desktops/laptops that OEC provides for our Core Customers have:

Things that each one of us should be doing to protect our own systems, and by association, protect other systems that connect to the campus network

Campus CyberSecurity systems work together, in a multi-faceted approach to securing our network

Campus Antivirus / Antimalware / Vulnerability Scanning Initiative - Cybersecurity Operations Group

Campus  CyberSecurity Resources