G Suite


Welcome to G Suite in Engineering at UC San Diego

Welcome to G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) for UC San Diego's Jacobs School of Engineering. G Suite is the default email, calendaring, and collaboration system used by faculty, staff, and graduate students across Engineering; it is also available to others affiliated with the Jacobs School. While similar to consumer Google services, G Suite for educational institutions has various additional features and enhancements, as well as being governed by significantly stricter rules regarding the privacy of your data.

Logging In For the First Time

Everyone associated with UC San Diego has an automatically generated, official email address of the form <name>@ucsd.edu. Similarly, G Suite accounts for Engineering are of the form <name>@eng.ucsd.edu, where <name> is the same as in your official UC San Diego email address.

Your new account has been created with a one-time password. When you first log in, you will be required to change this password to one of your own choosing (8 character minimum) and enter a CAPTCHA phrase. To begin this process, connect to mail.google.com and log in with the username and password you've received via an email. At a minimum, we recommend that you follow the campus guidelines for password security.

Your Primary and Alternate Email Addresses

The primary email address associated with your G Suite account is the same as your account name (i.e., <name>@eng.ucsd.edu).

Some users opt to associate additional, valid email addresses with their G Suite accounts, for example to reflect a campus-wide or department specific identity. This allows the sending of email using alternate return addresses, and enhances the indexing/searching of email to include all the possible addresses/aliases by which you might receive email. See “Sending mail from a different address” for more info.

Campus and Departmental Aliases

Your @ucsd.edu address is only an alias that forwards incoming messages to some final destination; for faculty, staff, and graduate students in Engineering, that final destination is usually G Suite (i.e., @eng.ucsd.edu). There may also be departmental aliases (e.g., @cs.ucsd.edu for the CSE Department) that do the same thing. All of these aliases will be set to forward mail directly to your @eng.ucsd.edu address.

In order to prevent surprising changes in the flow of email, we generally do not modify preexisting forwarding records/aliases, at least until we communicate potential changes to the customer. In these cases, this means that mail to your @ucsd.edu address will not initially go to your G Suite mailbox automatically. If you wish to check or change the destination of email sent to your @ucsd.edu address (to point it to your @eng.ucsd.edu address, for example) contact us at support@eng.ucsd.edu. You may also choose to forward your email out of G Suite by following the instructions here.

Getting Started with G-Suite

The Jacobs School of Engineering's primary G Suite domain is eng.ucsd.edu. All user accounts in this domain are of the form user@eng.ucsd.edu. We also manage a secondary domain for general campus use by customers outside of Engineering. That domain is cloud.ucsd.edu and user accounts are of the form user@cloud.ucsd.edu. Accounts in these domains are completely independent of other UC San Diego accounts, meaning that your password in G Suite is not connected to your password elsewhere (Active Directory, TritonLink, business systems, network/Kerberos, etc.). Information on other types of UC San Diego accounts, including how to change the associated passwords, may be found here. Changing your password on these accounts will not change your G Suite password, and vice versa.

Typically, new users in the Jacobs School of Engineering G Suite domain will receive an email message containing username and temporary password information, and instructions on how to connect to G Suite initially. In general to login, open a browser and navigate to any Google site (e.g., mail.google.com) and click on the button or link to sign in. For the username, you should use your full account name (i.e., user@eng.ucsd.edu or user@cloud.ucsd.edu) and the provided password. On your first login, you will need to accept the EULA and input a CAPTCHA code. You will also be prompted to change your password to a new one of your own choosing. If you have problems accessing your account, submit a support request to support@eng.ucsd.edu.

There are several online tutorials that can help you get started with the many collaborative services in G Suite, for example:

An excellent starting place to find documentation, tutorials, best practices, etc. about G Suite is the G Suite Learning Center. Other, service-specific documentation includes: