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Effective 2013


Questions and comments about services offered by the Office of Engineering Computing may be directed to support@eng.ucsd.edu.



Account – Terminal Services



Terminal Services refers to a mechanism that allows a user to connect to a remote Windows System, displaying locally the desktop and all applications from the remote system.  All major operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS) provide clients to enable this kind of remote access.  A Terminal Services account enables client access to a dedicated Windows Server system maintained by OEC.  All applications available on a standard lease desktop computer are available on the Terminal Services system, enabling the end user to have an environment essentially the same as his/her desktop work environment from any remote computer.


Charging Model

Billed on a per account basis at a fixed monthly charge plus additional charges for user/project disk space at the “Storage – Standard” rates (see below):

$17.08 / account / month




Account - Google Apps for Education


We currently manage two Google Apps for Education domains.  One is for the exclusive use of supported units within the Jacobs School of Engineering.  The other is a more general purpose designed to support the needs of our recharge customers.  Both of these domains support email accounts, calendaring, document processing and sharing, collaboration tools, web site hosting, VOIP, mobile device management and many more features.  For more information, please see: Google Apps for Education.


Charging Model

Free: As these domains are offered to us from Google for free, we do not charge campus based entities for their use.  We can assist with configuration, web design and other consulting services surrounding the use of Google Apps.

Database Hosting – MySQL



MySQL is an open source database product used by various units at UCSD, including the Jacobs School of Engineering. This installation managed by OEC is used by the Jacobs School Dean’s Office and other units to store and manage a wide variety of administrative and fiscal data, including data retrieved from and exchanged with campus-wide servers.


Charging Model

Billed in units of total space allocated for each database at a common per unit rate.  Since database sizes are typically fixed at creation and generally remain static over extended periods of time, the net charge is a fixed monthly fee derived from the following unit rate:


$0.19 / MB / month



Virtual Machine Hosting – Managed



A virtual machine is a software implementation of physical machine (computer), providing effectively all the functionality of a hardware-based system, but with reduced costs for hardware and most daily maintenance and management activities.  Many of OEC’s internal services (web servers, mail services, etc.) run in a virtual machine environment for this reason.  The underlying hardware for the virtual machine environment is a collection of redundant servers and associated virtual machine storage enabling fast recovery in the event of system failure.  This same environment is available to customers who wish to have a hosted system, but without the personnel and other costs associated with local management.  For the managed virtual machine service, OEC provides a user-accessible virtual machine running a standard Windows or Unix/Linux system, but maintains administrative control over the system in order to ensure that it remains in a fully available state, including compliance with the UCSD campus minimum security standards.  Managed virtual machine environments are backed up by OEC’s archival storage system as described above (the rates for managed virtual machine hosting already incorporate the costs of this archival storage).


Charging Model

Billed on a per virtual machine basis at a fixed monthly charge plus any additional charges for user or project specific (i.e., non-system) disk space at the “Storage – High Availability” rates (see above):


$56.60 / virtual machine / month



Web Hosting – LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python)


The shared web hosting is the common Unix-based model for hosting web sites, and is already familiar to many OEC customers. OEC manages a web cluster infrastructure supporting PHP, Perl, and Python CGI scripts. MySQL database (one per site) and a Drupal instance are also available on request. Although the customers are free to install any CMS within their webspace, it is preferred to use the Drupal 7 instance provided by OEC as it will be kept up to date with all security patches. To the extent possible, the operating system, web, and application development environments are maintained in accordance with current vendor or project standards, meaning that if a vendor or open source project considers a version officially supported it is something OEC may be able to support as well. If a vendor or open source project no longer supports a version, then OEC will typically not be able to support it either. Because of the changing nature of the interrelated software applications that constitute a “standard” web hosting environment, the environments that OEC will be able to support will vary with time. Contact OEC (support@eng.ucsd.edu) for more information about what web hosting environments are currently supported.

Charging Model
Billed on a per web host basis at a fixed monthly charge plus any additional charges for user or project specific (i.e., non-system) disk space over 10GB at the “Storage – High Availability” rates.
$38.68 / web host / month

Web Hosting – ColdFusion



ColdFusion is the combination of an application server and software development framework that supports the creation and management of web sites with dynamic content.  Currently, ColdFusion is one of the principal development environments used by OEC in support of web sites created for use by the Dean’s Office and other Jacobs School units. ColdFusion hosting is not made available to end users in the same manner as LAMP web hosting; any ColdFusion development work supported by OEC programming staff implies that ColdFusion hosting will be used, and so is listed here primarily for reference purposes.


Charging Model

Billed on a per web host basis at a fixed monthly charge plus any additional charges for user or project specific (i.e., non-system) disk space at the “Storage – High Availability” rates (see above):


$123.16 / web host / month



General Technical Support



In addition to the packaged services listed above, OEC personnel are available to assist on a wide variety of projects on a time and materials basis.  In some cases, an implicit or explicit contract for services on a particular project or ongoing type of work is established in order to ensure that one or more OEC personnel are available when needed.  In other cases, services are requested on a more ad hoc basis, with the details of expected effort, index numbers to bill, etc. established at the time of a service request.


Charging Model

Billed at one of two hourly rates, depending upon the nature of the request and personnel required.  Applicable rate(s) will be quoted prior to servicing any request unless implicit in an ongoing arrangement for services:


·         General desktop support, web development activities:

                $56.22 / hour


·         Database, programming, research computing support, architecture/design services, senior advisory activities:

                $92.38 / hour